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May 17, 2021

Catalogue 2021-2022

You probably will not have missed the restlessness on the world wide market for raw materials (steel, plastic, aluminium). After the summer of 2020 the demand of steel had increased worldwide, with a shortage of steel and increasing prices as a result. Also the prices for transport of containers have been through the roof all over the world.

All these things together have consequences for our final product. Multiple suppliers have confronted us with several price increases in the last few months.

Since these price fluctuations are not predictable and because we want to offer our products for correct prices, we have made the decision to publish our new catalogue (2021-2022) without prices.

We will also publish a new price list every month, starting from June 1st. We will publish the new price list one week before the new month will start. Also we will publish a new version of our catalogue digitally with the current prices, along with a digital price list.

Because of the uncertain price situation, we are forced to expire all previous netto price arrangements immediately.

Our catalogue and current price list can be downloaded on our website. The printed version is in preparation at the printer at the moment. We will distribute this as soon as possible.

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