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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

On this page you will find an overview of frequently asked questions about our products. Is your question not in the list below? Please do not hestitate to contact us. You can contact us via e-mail or phone.

General information

Where can I purchase a De Raat safe?

De Raat is known as a wholesaler and works with a dealer network around whole Holland and Belgium where our safes can be purchased and you can receive a professional advice about our products. Do you want to contact a dealer near you? Please send an e-mail to our sales team. For our dealers in Holland you can send your e-mail to and for our Belgium dealer you can send an e-mail to We will sent you contact info about a dealer near you as soon as possible.

Should my safe be fixed?

We always advise to fix your safe when the weight of your safe is below 1000 kg. Insurance companies can demand this before accepting your case.

What are security and fire resistant safes?

Security safes will protect your valuables from attacks from outside the safe, like burglary and theft. The resistance grade is determined based on various factors, like metal thickness, the kind and quantity of locks on the safe and the filling between the walls. Burglary resistant safes can be certified with a burglary resistant standard. This standard or norm indicates the level of security the safes offers in case an attack from outside may occur. Based on this norm, there will also be an insurance rating on the safe. 

What is a security rating?

This rating indicates the amount of cash and/or valuables that can be expected to be covered by the insurance, if the items have been locked in the safe. When deciding the insurance rating, the insurers assume that the safe is located in a uninhabited, unguarded and unprotected place within a residential area. Depending on the security measures taken insurers may deviate from the cover indication.

However, depending on the security measures taken at the location where the safe is installed, insurance underwriters are at liberty to decide on a different level of cover to those indicated here. 

Tip: Always check with your own insurance company that they agree with the insurance rating suggested for your safe. Local factors can reduce or increase the value of the insurance rating.

What are fire resistant safes/cabinets?

Fire resistant safes and cabinets offer protection from fire to your valuable items for a certain amount of time. The 'standard' fire resistant cabinet is intended to store paper documents. Paper ignites at approximately 178 °C. The time for which the exterior of a safe can be exposed to a given temperature often differs in dividual cases. The most common fire resistance tests are 30, 60 or 120 minutes.

What are fire and burglary resistant safes?

These are safes that will protect your valuables from both fire and burglary.

What are data safes?

Even better protection against fire is offered by data safes, which are designed to store data carriers. Data carriers such as CD's, DVD's and back up tapes may be damaged by exposure to a temperature of approximately 50 °C. A data safe also protects against air humidity, which is also fatal for data carriers.

What are floor or wall safes?

These safes are designed to build into a wall or floor and are focused on burglary prevention. Some types might also have a fire-resistant filling in the door. The degree of protection depends largely on the quality of the wall and floor construction and reinforcement.

What are deposit safes?

These safes are designed to deposit and store cash safely without opening the main door of the safe. These safes are available in built in or free standing models.

What are weapon safes?

These safes are used to store firearms and ammunition. There is a lockable interior compartment to store ammunition seperately from your weapens, as demanded by the police. These safes are designed promarily to prevent burglary. 

What are hotel safes?

These small safes are specially developed for locations where the user of the safe will change on a regular base, like hotels and hospitals. The electronic locks are programmed to be reset after each opening of the door.

What are key cabinets?

Key cabinets are used to storekeys in a well-organised way. Key cabinets are single walled and provide adequate protection from individuals within the company. 

What are key safes?

Key safes are burglary resistant certified products and offer a substantial protection from burglary. The main goal is to provide central storage of keys to important rooms or cabinets in a safe and organised way. When the safe has a EN 14 450 Security level 2 resistance grade and is fixed in a solid way, they will fulfil the demands of the RDW and BOVAG.

What type of safe is the right one for me?

First you can ask yourself a few questions:

A. What am I going to store in my safe?

B. Should my safe protect against fire and/or burglary?

C. Where will I put my safe?

Please use our Safe Wizard to come to the right conclusion.

Please bear in mind the following points:

  • Do not store € 100.000 in a safe which has a insurance rating of € 5.000
  • Inform your insurance underwriters about what safe you would like to purchase
  • Insurance companies only pay out cash; not your business information and documents. It is very important to store your valuable (business) documents in a safe way.

Delivery and returns

Can you also place or fix my safe?

The standard delivery term in on the ground floor, behind the first accessable door. With additional costs, it is possible to have your safe installed and/or fixed. The indicitave additional costs for installing and, if requested, fixing your safe in a 'standard' situation (ground floor or different floor, accessible via lift) are shown in the chart below. Please fill in the site survey form and enclose this to your order.

When your cabinet or safe has to be delivered or installed in any other way, please fill in the site survey form so we can give you an inquiry for the concerning situation.

My product has damage

We are sorry to hear your product has been damaged before delivery. Please make a notification about this within 24 hours after delivery at your dealer. Please include as many pictures as possible of the damage on your product. Your dealer will try to find an appropriate solution as soon as possible.

I would like to return my product

We are sorry to hear your product does not meet your needs. Please consult your dealer about your request to return your product. They will try to find an appropriate solution as soon as possible.

I was not at home at the moment of delivery, what now?

Because of many different reasons it is possible that the shipment, even though it has been announced twice, could not be delivered. In most of these cases, the problem is that the customer was not home at the moment of delivery. Unfortunately, the extra planning of a new shipment will cause additional expenses. These expenses will be charged from Transmission to De Raat. De Raat will charge these cost to the dealer. Please contact your dealer to discuss what has to happen next.


Who will deliver my order?

De Raat Security Products has her own transport, as well as a high-quality logistics partner, which brings the degree of service to the highest level possible. The standard delivery condition is on the ground floor, behind the first accessable door.

Technical problems

I have lost the keys to my safe. What should I do now?

We are sorry to hear you have los the keys to your safe. Please consult with your dealer. They might be able to help you with this problem.

My safe will not open anymore. What should I do now?

We are sorry to hear you can not open your safe anymore. Please try these steps below first:

  • Did you read the manual completely?
  • Did you replace the alcaline batteries?
  • Did you place the new alcaline batteries in the correct way?
  • Did you enter the correct code? (after 3 incorrect tries, the lock will be blocked for a certain amount of time)

Most problems can be solved with these steps. If not, please feel free to contact our technical department. You can contact them via e-mail ( or via phone (079-3615236).

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