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Choosing the right safe is easier said than done. The correct names burglary resistant cabinet and fire resistant cabinet are unfortunately too long for everyday use, and are abbreviated to safe or vault. These are divided into 3 categories: fire resistant, burglary resistant, and fire and burglary resistant.

Our safes selector should make it easier for you to choose the right safe. Firstly, you have to consider what you want to protect? The next question is what do you want to protect it against? Of course we are always prepared to advise you.


The temperature of a fire is affected by several things such as:

    • the duration of the fire
    • the materials feeding the fire (different materials burn at different temperatures and speeds)
    • Is the fire 'ongoing' or stationary

The fact is that the average temperature of fires can reach 600 to 800 °C. In extreme cases, the temperature may rise even up to 1000 °C

Fire protection of paper or data carriers

Fire resistant products are made to ensure that the internal temperature of the cabinet remains lower than the temperature at which paper or data will be damaged. At a temperature of 175 ° C paper can be damaged, or even perish. The critical limit for digital data carriers is at about 50 ° C, above this temperature it is likely that the data on the data carriers may be lost. In a safe, for example, which is tested against fire for paper, you cannot store CD's. These will probably not survive the fire. As well as protecting the contents against fire, data safes also provide protect against moisture, dust and soot particles. There are several fire resistant cabinets, data boxes available and their combined features gives the perfect protection against fire and theft for your documents and data.

DIN 4102 


Safes in the DIN 4102 category are double walled and filled with a fire resistant insulation. DIN 4102 is a construction standard, which means that these units are not fire tested. DIN 4102 cabinets offer protection from fire for paper for a short time.

Fire tests

If you want the very best protection against fire, you should choose one of the tested products. Fire tests take place at independent testing institutes in various countries.

There are several fire protection standards to which a product can be tested. The cabinets are tested at high temperatures. The tests are carried out to make sure the cabinet provides sufficient protection to the contents against fire. Some standards also include a drop test which tests to ensure that the protective effect is not adversely affected when the fire-resistant cabinet falls through a storey floor during a fire.

The fire resistance is expressed in time (minutes) following a P for paper or D for data. This test standard indicates how long a fireproof cabinet protects paper or data in a fire.

The most common fire-resistant test EN 1047-1 (VdS - Braunschweig)

EN 1047-1 (VdS - Braunschweig)

1 or 2 hours fire-resistant up to about 1090 °C

Drop test 9.15 meters


  • EN 1047-1 S60P (60 min fire resistance)
  • EN 1047-1 S120P (120 minutes fire resistance)


  • EN 1047-1 S60DIS (60 min fire resistance)
  • EN 1047-1 S120DIS (120 minutes fire resistance)

UL 72 (UL)

½, 1 or 2 hours fire resistance up to approximately 1000 °C

Drop test 9 meters


  • UL72 class 350 - 30 minutes
  • UL72 class 350 - 1 hour
  • UL72 class 350 - 2 hour


  • UL72 class 125 - 30 minutes
  • UL72 class 125 - 1 hour
  • UL72 class 125 - 2 hour
  • UL72 class 125 - 3 hour

LFS (EN 15659)

½ or 1 hour of fire resistance up to about 850 °C

No drop test


  • EN15659 LFS30 (30 minutes fire resistance)
  • EN15659 LFS60 (60 minutes fire resistance)

S1037-12 (JIS)

1 or 2 hours fire-resistant up to about 840 °C

Drop test 4 meters


  • JIS 60P (60 minutes fire resistance)
  • JIS 120P (120 minutes fire resistance)

NT Fire 017 (SP)

1, 1 ½ or 2 hours fire-resistant up to about 1090 °C

No drop test


  • NT Fire 017-60P (60 minutes fire resistance)
  • NT Fire 017-90P (90 minutes fire resistance)
  • NT Fire 017-120P (120 minutes fire resistance)


  • NT-017 Fire 60DIS (60 minutes fire resistance)
  • NT-017 Fire 90DIS (90 minutes fire resistance)
  • NT-017 Fire 120DIS (120 minutes fire resistance)


Speciaal voor het brandwerend opbergen van digitale mediadragers zoals cd's,dvd's en memorysticks. Een ETL gecertificeerde safe is dus niet geschikt voor het opbergen van magnetische informatiedragers als tapes en diskettes. 30, 60 of 120 minuten brandwerend.

Valtest 4,5 meter (15 ft)

  • ETL 30 (30 minuten brandwerend)
  • ETL 60 (60 minuten brandwerend)
  • ETL 120 (120 minuten brandwerend)

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