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Delivery in Holland


De Raat Security Products has her own transport, as well as a high-quality logistics partner, which brings the degree of service to the highest level possible.


Regular shipment

Most drop shipment deliveries from De Raat Security Products are transported by Transmission. We will sent track and trace messages for the shipments by Transmission when there is an e-mail address provided by the dealer. This will happen twice per shipment:


1.       Around 17:00 o’clock after Transmission has received the shipment. The planned delivery day will be announced in this first message.

2.       On the planned delivery day there will be another message with the expected time frame.


Because of many different reasons it is possible that the shipment, even though it has been announced twice, could not be delivered. In most of these cases, the problem is that the customer was not home at the moment of delivery. Unfortunately, the extra planning of a new shipment will cause additional expenses. These expenses will be charged from Transmission to De Raat. De Raat will charge these cost to you as a dealer.


Placements and installation
Our standard delivery condition is on the ground floor behind the first accessible door. At extra cost we can place and install your cabinet or safe. In the below chart you will find an indicative price list for placements and installations of safes, according to the weight and concerning situation. These prices are based on a standard location, which means on the ground floor without any obstacles or on a higher floor which can be reached with a lift. Please fill in the site survey form and enclose this to your order.



When your cabinet or safe has to be delivered or installed in any other way (as example; via stairs), please fill in the site survey form so we can give you an inquiry for the exact situation.


Pick up
When you do not want to pay for your shipment, we offer the option to pick up your goods at our warehouse in Zoetermeer, Holland. If requested, please make a note with your order so we can prepare your goods for pick up.


Delivery in Belgium
For placements and installations in Belgium, please contact us via 0032 (0) 14 23 23 71 of

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